by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Luis Castillo   DT   Northwestern

Luis is very strong and powerful for his position. He has a quick first step off the snap with excellent leverage and uses his hands very well to keep the O-lineman off him. Right now, Luis is dominating at his position. He is one of the reasons why Northwestern has an excellent defense. Luis has very good lateral movement and strength to stop the running game and is quick enough to split the O-linemen in the passing game. He can play in a 1-gap or 2-gap defense.

Needs to Improve

Luis is another one of those players that has a very weak PR situation at his college. Luis should be a 1st day pick and no one knows that. Well, maybe not no one, unless you consider me to be a no one and if you do, I have an 82 yr-old mother that will beat the crap out of you.

Talent Board Round  1
I am amazed that in a year where there are just a few quality DTís in the draft, that everyone is not talking about Luis in a way that might make him a first round pick. He is the total focal point of his defense. He is big, fast, quick, strong and smart. He is a leader on the field, yet plays within the context of the game plan so that others on the field are successful. Luis is the type of player that if you donít have him on your team, your defense will not make the playoffs. Itís just as simple as that. He can play in any style defense you want to run and in any front you want. He can play as a nose-guard right over the center or as a #1 or #2 DT. Luis will control the opponentsí running game and he will give you the pressure up the gut in the passing game. There is one problem - his last name sounds like the name of a ship that Columbus used to discover America. Wasnít it the Nina, the Pinta and the Castillo??? I just hope that someone discovers Luis before the draft. He deserves it.
Bottom to the Bottom Line 4/17
Louis tested positive to steroids at the combine. He says it was a one-time deal, so I went back to the film. I didnít see any unusual play that would make me think that he has been taking them all along. He did not pick up any O-linemen and shove them around in any unusual fashion and his speed and quickness seems the same from the first game to the last. If he is willing to tie his contract into steroid testing, then he might still have a chance to be taken in this first round. The problem is, does he have the size he has because of the steroids? If he does, then with his athletic talent he still has the abilities to be a 3/4 defensive end. My thinking is with so many teams going to the 3/4 that he will not drop far into the second round if he drops at all.