by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Marcus Johnson   OT   Mississippi

Marcus is a big kid with good long arms. He has been a good lineman for his college team. He has good potential to be a solid lineman at the next level. He shows good overall techniques and is very consistent.


Needs to Improve

Marcus is slow off the snap and needs better upper body strength. He is also very slow with his lateral movement and lacks the lower body strength and quickness for run blocking at the next level.


Talent Board Round  3

Marcus has athletic talent, size, nice long arms and good experience; however, all of this still isnít enough in his case. He reminds me a lot of Marcus Sullivan picked by the Buffalo Bills in the third round a few years back. The problem is, quickness off the snap and marginal lateral movement. Now you can try him at RG, but the lack of quickness off the snap and hand speed will kill him. You can try him at RT, but the marginal lateral movement and lack of upper body strength will bury him. In my opinion, this kid should have dominated at the college level and he hasnít. So what makes everyone think that heís going to turn into a dominating O-lineman in the NFL? Remember, we look for developmental players in the draft; however, Marcus has never gotten better from year to year at the college level. Maybe he paid more attention to his schoolwork than football! All I can say is that it is going to be a long time before this kid hits the field as a starter and is successful. He is being promoted as a first day pick and to be honest with you, I guess he will go in the first day, but I wouldnít pick him that early. I just see him as a possible RG and not a dominating one at that.