by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Mark Bradley   WR   Oklahoma

Mark has excellent size, strength and speed for his position. He shows good quickness in and out of his breaks and shows very good hands. He is a smart player and runs very good routes. Mark also gives you special team skills that just might make him an impact player the first year you draft him.


Needs to Improve

Mark is starting to move out of the shadow of the other Mark on his college team. This Mark might be just as good as the other Mark, but there were not enough footballs on the field for the both of them.


Talent Board Round  2

This is my definition of a sleeper. A kid hiding in plain sight for everyone to see and yet we are all looking at the other side of the field. Mark on another team with the talent, size and speed that he has would be a 1st round draft pick. The funny thing about this is even though he has proven that he has 1st round talent, the experts are still looking at other receivers to round out the 1st round when this kid is the real deal. What are they afraid of? Picking two WRs from the same team in the first round? We are all ready to pick two RBs from the same team in the 1st round, so why not two WRs from the same team in the first round? On my list, Mark is ahead of Roddy White as a first rounder in the receiver class. Roddy still has some work to do and Mark is ready to hit the field running -- plus he gives you special team ability.