by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Marlin Jackson   CB   Michigan

Marlin might be the fastest CB in this draft. He has very good size and has very good hands to intercept the ball. Marlin should be a good return man for special teams. He has been a very good CB for his college team and has a good chance to become an impact player for the team that drafts him.

Needs to Improve

Marlin does not have the ability to be a CB in the NFL. His lack of football instincts and the fact that his hips are locked, along with the lack of CB techniques, would be just some of the reasons.

Talent Board Round  2

I would not draft Marlin with the thinking that he has the athletic talent to be a shutdown cover corner in the NFL. This would be a big mistake. Marlin might be an impact free safety in the NFL, but not a CB. He lacks quickness in and out of breaks and his hip-flip is so slow that my 82-yr old mother could beat him deep all day long. You see, Marlin gets beat all the time, but because he has such good straight-line speed to recover, it is hard to see this glaring weakness. This is why you come to me. Iím the only one who is going to tell you that drafting Marlin with all his athletic talent to be a cover corner CB will be a big mistake. I am the only one that will tell you that the only chance Marlin has in the NFL to impact is at the FS position. Marlin has to keep the play in front of him. If you try him as a CB in the NFL, you will see a player being twirled around like a ballerina in the Nutcracker Suite. Marlin has the opportunity be an impact free safety because he has great speed, good hands and is a good tackler -- but he will never be a good CB in the NFL.