by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Matt Jones   TE/QB   Arkansas

Matt Jones has very good size and athleticism for the QB position. He is the type of QB that can make something out of nothing. He likes to have a moving pocket, but if he throws in rhythm, he can be effective. He has a decent arm for the college level and shows good leadership qualities.


Needs to Improve

He does not have the arm strength to be a starting QB at the next level. He should be an excellent backup QB because he can break down a defense with his athleticism.


Talent Board Round  2

I can’t help thinking when I watch Matt on tape that he reminds me a lot of Philip Rivers in last year’s draft. That was the profile that I got crucified for when I suggested that he should move to the pass catching TE position if he wanted to impact at the next level. The funny thing about it is that Matt is almost a clone of Philip as far as QB skills, except Matt is a little more athletic. They both have the same arm strength, do a good job of reading defenses and managing a game plan and both showed good leadership qualities. So why is it that Matt is being thought of as a pass catching TE, but when I suggested the very same move for Philip, all hell broke loose? And the other amazing issue is the press that Matt got in the Senior Bowl and all reports that came out of the Senior Bowl practices about Matt moving to a new position.  The politics of this situation just makes me shake my head. But what makes me shake my head even more is the fact that Matt is considered a 2nd day draft pick and that is what I considered Philip last year to be. Do you think the fact that Philip had a coach for a father had anything to do with it? Do you think that maybe the fact that Philip’s and Matt’s talent are equal had anything to do with it? Does anyone looking at these two players really think that there is a big difference in the talent level of these two players? Here’s the difference. Philip got drafted as a top five QB and Matt will not be. Yet they both have equal talent!


Bottom to the Bottom Line 4/17

The simple fact of any draft is that you are obligated to your fans to look for potential impact players in a draft. Matt is a potential impact player because of his measurables. It’s as simple as that! The fact that he is changing positions is the only issue that’s holding him back from being listed as a top 15 player in this draft. Is he the best player in this draft?  No one really knows…but he does have the best measurables of all the players in this draft and if you set a board up on these alone, he would have to be at the top of the list. I look for teams who have multiple picks in the first round to take a chance on this kid. He has leadership qualities and as soon as he learns to catch a ball with a safety ready to take his head off in the open field, you’ll have a winner. If the Vikings and Chargers hold on to their picks in the first, then Matt might be the player they might choose with their second pick in the first round. If I were doing the picking for those teams I wouldn’t hesitate.  I feel I would have an obligation. He has the potential to be an impact player. I gave you all a hint of what I thought about Matt’s potential when I first profiled Matt in comparing him to Philip Rivers. Like I said, last year Philip Rivers was taken as the 4th player in the draft with similar measurables except for the speed. So why is Matt not being considered in the same area? The answer, in my opinion, is that Matt is switching positions and Philip is not! But impact potential is impact potential.