by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005

Matt McCoy   LB   San Diego St


Matt is a very athletic, fast and quick LB. He has an excellent burst and does a good job at the college level of tackling and staying strong at the point of attack. He does a really good job in pass defense and is a smart player. He should be a good WLB at the next level.


Needs to Improve

First of all, Matt is not big enough to hold the point of attack at the next level.  Next, he doesnít use correct technique right now to nullify this weakness. Matt still has a lot to learn about his position. His tackling techniques are good for the college level, but he is not consistent enough for the next level. My biggest concern for the next level is the injury factor. Mattís style of play for his size lends itself to nagging injuries.


Talent Board Round  4

Matt really needed another year in college to learn more about his position and to play without the leadership of Kirk Morrison. He is a player that will be picked because of his athletic abilities, but not so much on his LB play. I know someone is going to tell me about all the tackles he has made and yada, yada, yada. Thatís not what we are talking about here. We are talking about consistency, false steps, recognition and instincts. Matt should be a good WLB at the next level and maybe an impact WLB at the next level, but in my opinion, he is not ready for the next level. He will be picked on a projection of how well his talents will translate to the next level and not his performance on the field now. Now, you say, isnít that true for all the players in the draft? Well yes, but most of them have narrowed the field of projection to a comfortable guess. Iím just saying that in Mattís case, he is stretching it a bit. Matt is a good player with impact potential for which I have serious injuries concerns. He has not learned the proper techniques of his position yet. If he can stay injury free, he could be a big find for the team that drafts him.