by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Maurice Clarett   RB   Ohio St*

Maurice had good size and strength for his position. He had good balance and quick change of direction abilities. At one time, he blocked well and picked up blitzing LBís. He had decent hands out of the backfield. He was a strong powerful runner and at one time, he reminded me of Ron Dayne. He had the same physical talents.

Needs to Improve

Youíre kidding me, right! Do you want on field or off field concerns? Iím not convinced he is quick enough to the line of scrimmage. Iím not convinced he has the speed to turn the corner at the next level. He is not a team player. He is not a leader and does not show leadership qualities. Iím not convinced that if you give him a guaranteed bonus that he will show up for work the next day. He is not very coachable and does not react well to authority. He does not work well in group situations. I believe that if he got frustrated,  he might bite your ear off in a pile when he fumbles.  He is the Mike Tyson of the football world.

Talent Board Round  4

Here is another problem I have with this person! Why did Maurice not enroll in another school and play football this season even at a lower level? Who is giving this kid advice and why is he following it? I have no respect for this kidís talent, because to be honest, he is not that good. He might be a good sophomore college back, but Iím not convinced that he is even a good senior college RB. You know it just doesnít matter. I would not be an enabler and allow this kid for one minute to think that his treatment of his teammates and coaches is acceptable. Fuhgettaboutit! And forget about him!