by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Michael Munoz   OT   Tennessee

Michael has good size for his position. He has excellent technique and is very smart. He has just enough of a mean streak in him. Mike has long arms and that helps him in the passing game with speed rushes. He is mature and showed that he is a team player by moving to left tackle this year.

Needs to Improve

Michael does not have the lateral movement right now to play left tackle in the NFL. His footwork is not quick enough in the running game because he relies too much on his long reach.

Talent Board Round  2

Michael is a much better right tackle than he is a left tackle. There I said it -- you donít know how long I have been holding that in. I am not convinced that Mike has the burning desire to be the best lineman he can be. I also think that there are people around Mike that tell him he is better than he is. Right now with the lack of quick feet, lateral movement and upper body strength, Mike has a long way to go before he is a good NFL lineman. Mike will be drafted and maybe in the 1st rd, but if someone doesnít hit this kid in the head and wake him up, heíll just be an average player. I think Mike, from what I see of his play on the field, has the union label attitude. By that, I mean he does exactly what is expected of him -- no more, no less. Mikeís play on the field is a lot better than most O-lineman because he has excellent techniques. He is also very disciplined in making sure he uses these techniques. The problem for me is that I have not seen improvement in his physical abilities from his sophomore year to his senior year. This is what makes me think that Mike is satisfied with his play as is and thatís just not going to do it at the next level. The first question is, does Mike want to be an impact O-lineman at the next level? Right now, I think not. I think Mike is happy with his play and with that attitude, it will be hard for him to become an elite lineman in the NFL.  The second question is, where do you rate him -- top 10 or later? For me, he is a late 1st or 2nd round. A top ten pick has to be an impact, dominating lineman. Itís a matter of money on my part and a lack of burning desire on Mikeís part.