by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Mike Goolsby   LB   Notre Dame

Mike has good straight-line speed and change of direction ability. He is a good tackler and is a solid LB in zone coverage. Mikeís best attribute is his leadership skills. He demands that the players around him give their best effort and if a player around him is better than he is, he demands that they be better than him on every play. He is an excellent teammate and an asset to the coaches on and off the field. This is a kid you pick to be a part of your team because his leadership skills alone will make your team better.


Needs to Improve

Mike needs to get stronger. Right now, he is not attacking the RB with the full force of his body. He has had some medical concerns over the years and has fallen into some bad habits compensating for his injuries. He needs time to heal and get stronger.


Talent Board Round  4

Mike is a leader and will be a solid player at the next level. He will not have very good workout numbers and in spite of that, he will still be a good football player at the next level. All Mike needs to be successful at the next level is time to heal, get stronger and some good coaching that stress tackling techniques. Now you might say isnít that what every players needs? I would have to say yes, but the difference between Mike and some other more talented players who need the same coaching is that Mike will learn and be the best that he can be. The others donít want to learn because they think their talent is enough. Mental toughness is the one thing that separates the players with less athletic talent to be more successful at the next level from the more athletic players. Mike is a perfect New England Patriot player. A player that will be a good situational player while he gets stronger and learns the techniques to be a core player for the team that picks him.