by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Mike Nugent   K   Ohio St

Mike has a strong leg and is a really good college kicker.


Needs to Improve

All Mike can do is kick a ball. He can't snap it or hold it or pass it or bounce it off his nose.


Talent Board Round  4

If you do not draft Mike's long snapper and holder, then you will throw Mike's timing off and you have no idea if he will be successful or not at the next level. Mikeís kickoffs are from a tee that is higher off the ground than in the pro game. He can get more of his instep of his foot under the ball so that he can make most kickoffs go into the end zone. In the Pro's, the tee is lower and it is harder to get the full portion of your instep lower on to the ball; therefore, it is harder to drive the ball into the end zone no matter how strong your leg is. Drafting a kicker is like going to Vegas. You will lose many more times then you will win and when you do win, it is just enough to make you gamble some more. Mike might be a good kicker eventually in the NFL because I do like his leg movement. He has a real snap/slap motion that will be good in any kind of weather, but the truth is that most kickers do not stay with the team that drafts them because it takes time to adjust to the speed of the snap and hold at the pro level. Mike is a two-step kicker, so he has a quicker chance of adjusting than the average kicker; however, for a while, his accuracy will be off until he finds his new rhythm. Personally, I donít draft kickers until the second day and I would not rate them in the top 100. But as we all know I suck at rating players. Thatís why Rob does the ratings and I tell you if the kid has any talent.