by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Mike Patterson   DT   USC

Mike has unique power, strength and quickness for his position. He is a disrupter and is an excellent 1-gap DT. His burst off the line and between the O-linemen is the quickest in this draft. At the college level, he handles his two gap responsibilities better than most DT’s in this draft, but his impact at the next level will be in a 1-gap technique defense.


Needs to Improve

Mike is another player that is vertically challenged; if he were two inches taller, he would be a top ten pick in this draft.


Talent Board Round  2

That’s right, ladies…I said just two lousy, stinking inches and there would be no discussion on his abilities to handle the next level. Mike has been playing in a pro style defense and should impact in his first year in passing down situations. He is so athletic that he could play a couple of different positions and the team that drafts him should be smart enough to do just that. In college, he plays his 2 gap techniques like a middle linebacker because he has excellent feet and lateral movement.  However, if you keep him on the field too much, I believe that he won’t be fresh for the 4th quarter when you can use him to terrorize the other team in the passing game. Remember -- two lousy, stinking inches and he would have been a top ten pick. Are you going to allow two lousy, stinking inches to stop you from getting a DT that could be one of the best at collecting sacks from the DT position? Now how stupid would that be?