by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Odell Thurman   LB   Georgia

Odell has good size, strength and speed for his position. He shows good overall athletic skills for his position. He has those nice long arms that will help him to defend against the pass. Odell is the typical LB that the scouts just fall in love with every draft.


Needs to Improve

Where should I start? I’m getting a headache already and I haven’t even listed his faults! All I can say is the only way Odell makes it at the next level is that the coach’s best friend is a Seeing Eye dog!


Talent Board Round  3

Odell has the athletic talent, but to get him to play up to his talents you are going to need an electrical cattle prod. This kid has no instincts to play his position. My guess is that he has never seen the inside of a film room. He is not very good in the passing game and there is no athletic reason for it. He runs around blocks, does not hold, shed and tackle. He chases down ball carriers very well as long as they are running the other way. How the Georgia coaches put up with this is the question that needs to be answered! Odell might turn into a pretty good weakside LB if he decides to get serious, but at this point, it will take some time.  If you think he is going to help you on special teams as he learns…well, maybe! Odell reminds me of Eric Flowers. Eric was a 1st round pick that just never understood how to play the game of football at the next level. He had excellent athletic talent and the mistake was made that they could teach him to be aggressive, etc. It just doesn’t happen like that!