by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Oshiomogho Atogwe   S   Stanford

Oshiomogho has very good size, speed and strength for his position. He also has a big long name that I have no idea how to pronounce. He is a good tackler and shows some leadership qualities. He likes to hit, which is important for a safety. He has played both safety positions and in doing this, has shown that he is a pretty good 2 deep zone safety.


Needs to Improve

He plays at one speed and doesn’t show any real make-up speed or one-on-one cover skills. In the right defense, he will be a good safety.


Talent Board Round  4

A pure two-deep zone safety and he should be able to impact in that kind of defense. He is not the smartest tool in the shed, but repetition and experience should be all that he needs to sharpen him up. He is your typical “over-react, take a false step or two” safety that Stanford seems hell bent on flooding the NFL with, if the past 5 years is any indication. In time, he should be a solid addition to the team that drafts him.