by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005
Patrick Body   S   Toledo

Patrick has very good size, strength and burst for his position. He is a good tackler and shows good leadership qualities. He is very good in a two deep zone defense. He does well when heís brought up close to the line to help stop the run. At this point, he doesnít show good man-to-man cover skills because of the system he plays in; however, something tells me with his athletic abilities and mental toughness along with good instincts, that this is not going to be a big problem.


Needs to Improve

Patrickís cover skills and quality of opponents are the biggest question marks right now. He shows good mental toughness, but at the next level, it could be a different case.



Talent Board Round  3

To be honest, Patrick reminds me of Rodney Harrison, but Iím just not sure he is as tough as Rodney. If he answers that question positively, then someone is going to get themselves a hell of a safety. Let me be the first to tell you I think heís got it and the reason for him to be under the radar right now is because he broke his arm this year and hasnít been on the field much. In fact, I have very little tape on this kid so Iím out on a limb with this profile.  However, the tape I have and his numbers at his pro day make me think this kid is the real deal. On tape, the system Toledo uses keeps everything in front of him, but he is directing players and making plays sideline to sideline.  Heís showing good instincts and play recognition. I feel he has first day talent that will be a second day pick because of the quality of his opponents and there is not much tape on him this year.