by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Reggie Brown   WR   Georgia
Reggie has the size, strength and speed that the NFL is looking for from a WR for today’s game. He is a good blocker and looks to be a good teammate. He plays hurt and has good quickness in and out of his breaks. Reggie catches the ball with his hands and has some run after the catch ability. I think that Reggie will be a better pro WR than he has been a college WR.
Needs to Improve

Right now, Reggie gives his routes away. If he drops his head before he takes his first step, it means he is running a route meant for him. If he keeps his head up, it means he is blocking for a run. He is a little slow off the line and has to learn to read defenses better to help out his QB. He must learn to use his hands better to defend against the bump and run and he runs all of his routes at the same speed. All of these negatives are correctable.

Talent Board Round  1

Reggie has the size, speed, strength and character to be a 1st day pick. He has the work ethic to learn his position and looks to me like he is the typical “three years before he impacts” player. I think he might be able to return kicks and help on special teams while he gets better -- and he will get better. If Reggie gets with the right team and a smart veteran QB, he will learn faster. I think this kid has excellent potential to be a #1 WR along with being a core player and a fan favorite…it will just take time. He will fool a lot of scouts in this draft because I think he has been playing hurt this season and it has slowed his progress.