by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Rian Wallace   LB   Temple

Rian has good athletic talent and size for his position. He is a good wrap-up tackler and shows good quickness and burst to the ball. He shows some leadership qualities and has decent change of direction abilities. Rian has the talent to impact at the next level and the talent to play all three LB positions.


Needs to Improve

He runs hot and cold with his play -- very much like the program itself! He did not improve from last year, so you have to question his coaches and his work ethic. He is a little stiff in the hips, but I’ve seen much worse than him in this area that go on to become big stars for their teams.


Talent Board Round  2

Currently, Rian plays to his competition which may hurt him when draft day comes. I don’t see a prima donna on the field.  I see a kid that seems to be distracted at times for some reason. Rian has first round talent, but because of his inconsistent play on the field, you will have to decide when to take a chance on him. I have noticed that when he plays up to his potential, the players around him play better which is a sign of his potential leadership abilities. He could play all three LB positions, but I think the best fit might be in the middle. Hey…anyone that is looking to pick a moody LB with the talent to be a core player for his team, then Rian is your man! I like him personally, but interviews will dictate where he goes in this draft.