by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Rob Petitti   OT   Pittsburgh

Rob is a big, strong, powerful kid. He has good balance when he sets up to pass block. He has decent lateral movement and does a good job when challenged by a quick DE. Rob plays with a little bit of an attitude and shows some leadership qualities.

Needs to Improve

Rob is overweight and not very disciplined at this point of his career. On film, he shows a lack of maturity in the consistency of his play. His techniques for blocking in the running game are lousy. To be honest, he really pisses me off. He could be a lot better than he is right now.

Talent Board Round  6

Rob, here is my advice for you. Change positions! I mean change to the other side of the line.  Thatís right -- become a run-stuffing DT. You could be a RT in the proís, but donít bother to waste your time. Your mental and physical skills at this stage I think, lend themselves to the DT position.  You will be an impact player for the team that drafts you on that side of the ball. You go in for two downs then come off the field and you wonít have to worry about a whole load of issues that an O-lineman has to worry about. I donít know why you are an O- lineman anyway. I think you would enjoy playing on the defensive side of the ball and I donít think it will take you that long to learn it. You remind me a lot of Jason Fabini of the New York - J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets!