by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Roddy White   WR   Alabama

Roddy has good size and strength for his position. He catches the ball with his hands and will fight for the ball when itís in the air. He runs good routes for his level of play and uses his body to get position to make the catch. Roddy has very good run after the catch ability and is difficult to bring down in the open field. He has the strength and quickness to counter a jam at the line. Roddy has good instincts and he has the potential to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him because he is smart and has good athletic ability.

Needs to Improve

First, Roddy has to learn not to challenge coaches in the middle of a game because he disagrees with a coaching decision. Then, Roddy has to learn to run routes much better than he runs them now. There is no doubt that Roddy needs to mature and realize that he is not yet as good a WR as he thinks he is.

Talent Board Round  1

The question is, does Roddy want to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him or will he be satisfied with the money and responsibility of a #2 WR? If you take him in the 2nd round, he will have time to discover this and the team that drafts him should get a pretty good WR while he decides. If you take Roddy in the first round, you just might be putting him into a situation mentally that he cannot handle and you could get burned. I know Roddy wants to win and thatís very important, but does he realize how much hard work is ahead of him to become a #1 WR in the NFL? I think at this point, he thinks he knows, but I think he is in for a shock. Roddy has the talent and if he is taken in the 2nd or 3rd round, I think that will be good. If you take him in the 1st you had better do your homework and bring him along slowly because he has excellent potential, but the pressure could bury him. It is pressure that he has no idea is coming his way and at this point, I believe he is not ready for.