by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Ronald Bartell   CB   Howard

Ronald is very tall player for his position with long legs and long arms. He has good speed and looks as if he is just starting to understand the talent that he has. Ronald has the talent and POTENTIAL to be an impact player in the NFL.


Needs to Improve

The big issues that are a concern until Ronald proves otherwise are the following:   How well does he handle mentally the viciousness in hitting at the next level? Is Ronald a FS with cover skills or a true CB? How good of a tackler will he be at the NFL level? All of these concerns cannot be answered before the draft.


Talent Board Round  2
There are serious questions about Ronaldís negatives. This is a player that if he is taken too high and forced on the field because of his salary, will no doubt be a bust. The fans will eat him alive. He is also a player type that the NFL is dying for in the red zone alone. You are just going to have to take a chance on this kid in the first day and thatís all there is too it! I have some film on him, but he is just better than everyone else on them. When I saw him in the Senior Bowl, I liked what I saw, but Iím not convinced he is ready for the NFL mentally. He needs a lot of technique work and the problem is, do you commit that technique work to FS or CB? If you teach him both, it will take longer for him to learn and lengthen his LTI (length till impact). For me personally, I let another team take him and see what happens. I look for him in four or five years in free agency. Thatís just me, profile guy being conservative with my money. You see coaches and GMís donít spend their own money in the draft. They get to spend someone elseís money! But remember, the turnover ratio of coaches and GMís is 4 yrs.  For me, that makes Ronald with all his POTENTIAL, a 2nd day pick. I like to pick players that are more ready to play in the first day of the draft. I donít want him to peak after I have been fired!