by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Ronald Fields   DT   Mississippi St

Ronald shows good size and strength for his position. He did work harder this year than he has in the past. He helped his college teams defense at nose guard this year and did a good job overall. There is no doubt that Ron matured a bit this year from past years, but will it be enough?


Needs to Improve

Iím not convinced that Ron works hard enough to overcome his athletic limitations.


Talent Board Round  4
In my opinion, Ron is not going to make it as a nose guard in the NFL because he doesnít have good lateral movement nor does he have very good change of direction abilities.  He is easily handled with a double team at the college level. He also doesnít have the heart to overcome these issues. Ron would be much better in a 4/3 defense.  If he wants to be a nose guard, then he has to have better lateral movement. You can get away with less lateral movement ability in a 4/3 defense than you can in a 3/4 defense. Ron has done better this year, but with his lack of pass-rush abilities, lateral movement and lack of effort in the past, he becomes just a rotation DT in rushing situations. If a team drafts him in the first day for any other reason, they will be disappointed.