by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Ronnie Brown   RB   Auburn

Ronnie has speed, power, strength, quickness, vision, size and just about everything you could

ever ask for in a running back. Ronnie fits the mold of what a running back should be able to do. 

His talents translate very well to the next level and he will be on the field very quickly.

Needs to Improve
Ronnie needs to improve his ability to be recognized as the best running back in this draft. He also needs to get on an NFL field as soon as possible and when he does, pencil him in for rookie of the year.
Talent Board Round  1
Let's just get this straight, right up front. Ronnie Brown is the best running back in this draft. Now stop it. If you are thinking that Cadillac, Benson or even KayĖJay is better, you're wrong. Iím sorry, but I looked at the film. I donít look at the hype; I donít repeat what other people say and speed is not the most important skill of a running back. Ronnie is a bigger version of Curtis Martin on and off the field. Ronnie has great instincts, quickness, balance, burst and receiving skills. He has tackle- breaking strength and good elusiveness. He knows how to be patient and set up his blocks. What I also see on the film is that his teammates have a great respect for him and like him. When he goes to the sidelines, there is always someone to greet him and he always has a smile on his face. He seems to be a great teammate and he and Williams seem to have a true friendship with each other. Ronnie (Burn Them) Brown...he has the speed and strength in the passing and running game to burn the other team on every down.