by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Ryan Fitzpatrick   QB   Harvard

Ryan is an excellent QB. He has very good arm strength and throws a good catchable ball with notable velocity. He is very accurate, shows good pocket awareness as well as athleticism in and out of the pocket. Ryan is football smart, shows good overall football instincts and he has excellent mental toughness. He is a leader and will be an impact player at the next level.


Needs to Improve

It is just a matter of time before Ryan gets accustomed to the next level of play and you will have a Montana/Brady-like QB that can run any offensive system.


Talent Board Round  3
Some team is going to get themselves a hell of a QB in a couple of years when they pick this kid. He has the two ingredients that you need:  a good, strong arm and very good mental toughness. He can make all the throws along with being a good athlete. If I were a cold weather team that picked an athletically talented QB last year with serious maturity questions about him, I would pick this kid up in the 4th round in a flash. He is very coachable and his teammates will all like him and respect him. He will go through his progressions.  He wonít panic in the pocket and pull the ball down and run every time his primary WR is covered. He doesnít have the type of ego that will not let the players around him get credit for the team playing well. Ryan is not the type of player that demands more emotional attention than anyone else on the team. Ryan has the athletic potential and work ethic to be a true franchise QB at the next level. Itís just a matter of time.