by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Ryan Grant   RB   Notre Dame

Ryan has excellent athletic ability for his position. He shows a good burst, good vision and is a strong enough runner to break tackles. He has the speed to turn the corner and the vision and strength to turn it up and get the needed yardage when there is no room. Ryan likes to take the ball inside and when he does, he has the needed quick lateral movement to slide to the outside.


Needs to Improve

Ryan is not used in the passing game, so I can’t tell if he has good hands. He lacks confidence and did have a problem with fumbling, but seems to have corrected that problem. He has a lot still to learn, but the ability to learn it.


Talent Board Round  4

I always like players that come back from adversity. Ryan lost his job to Julius Jones mainly because he had a problem hanging on to the ball. He came back this year and fumbling was not a problem. He looks to be a much better back than he shows on the film. Every once in a while you see this burst or cut that makes you say to yourself, “Who was that?”  He is a coachable kid, but I just look at him doing all of his assignments correctly and I just think there is something in this kid that is waiting to break out as soon as he gains some confidence.  In the 2nd day of this draft, look at this kid and look at him hard if you need a RB. I just feel that once he is on the field, you might not get him off.