by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Ryan Moats   RB   Louisiana Tech
Ryan has very good quickness and vision and does a good job of catching the ball out of the backfield on swing passes. He has good strength and runs with excellent determination. Ryan looks to be a player that will be able to handle 20 to 25 carries a game, as he does a very good job of running between the tackles for his size.


Needs to Improve

Ryan does run a bit high and this causes him to lose his balance when running through the hole. At the next level, this will make it easier to knock him off his feet and tackle him as he cuts in the hole. That old, ďHe has to lower his pads,Ē that you hear the scouts say all the time. I call it running like he is sitting on a stool. If he canít do it, then he becomes more of a specialty back.


Talent Board Round  3
Ryan has excellent talent and RB skills for the next level. I donít think there will be a big problem with him getting down in his running stance as long as a team that has a good RB coach picks him. Ryan also has to learn to read defenses so that he can stay in and pick up the blitzing LBís; however, all of this is the normal learning curve for most of the backs in this draft except for the Brown kid from Auburn. Ryan should be an excellent pick among a host of excellent RBís in this draft. I look for him to get lost and maybe fall to the 2nd day of the draft because there are so many good RBís in this draft. If he does, then someone gets 1st day talent in the 2nd day. You seeÖI told you this is a good draft!