by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Ryan Riddle   DE   California

Ryan has a Dwight Freeney-like burst off the line of scrimmage when he rushes the passer. I believe that he is the quickest and fastest pass rusher in this draft. He has excellent athleticism, is a leader and makes the players around him better. He uses his quickness and technique to embarrass bigger right tackles all game long. Ryan has excellent lateral movement and change of direction skills. He is just an outstanding football player.

Needs to Improve

Ryan needs to change positions to stay on the field every down and believe me, you want this kid on the field for every down. Using this kid as just a rush DE would be a waste of way too much talent.

Talent Board Round  3

This is the type of kid you build a defense around. I think he could play more than one position and I think with his size, strength, speed, smarts and leadership abilities, he should make an excellent OLB or MLB. He also has the abilities to learn a new position and still get on the field right away. Personally, I see MLB written all over this kid along with Pro Bowl, core player and fan favorite. Ryan has such good change of direction abilities, that I have no doubt that he will be good in defending the pass as an LB. I do not have any idea where Ryan will be taken in this draft, but for me, he is a 1st day pick -- maybe a 3rd rounder. Now, letís see if others start to think the way I do about Ryan. If they do, then he could go as high as the 2nd round. A player with 1st round talent that has to change position sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Most of the time, they get taken in the 4th or 5th round, but I think this kid will be special. Letís see who else thinks like me. Letís see who else can solve the riddle of this kidís talent.