by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Shaun Cody   DT   USC

Shaun is one of the core players for his college team. He is a good 1-gap DT that can penetrate the line of scrimmage and upset the opponentsí blocking assignments. He is a good tackler and is relentless with good stamina and mental toughness. Shaun follows the game plan and does the grunt work in the trenches.

Needs to Improve

Shaun has trouble stopping the run, although the scheme that is being used is not one that really expects him to do this. In the system that is used, Shaun is expected to be more of a disrupter instead of a run stuffer. Right now, Iím concerned that Shaun is a tweener.

Talent Board Round  2

It is very hard to tell if Shaun can be a 1gap-2gap D-lineman. I think he can be, but he will have to learn run stuffing techniques and will have to get bigger and stronger to do that. This will take time. The other problem I have is his quickness off the line in the 1 gap technique. Iím not convinced he is quick enough right now to be as much of a disrupter as he is in college. This is a hard profile for me right now and I think I will get a better feel for projecting Shaunís abilities at the next level when I see some combine numbers. If Shaun has a quick 10 yard time, then I will be convinced that he can go to the next level and be productive; however, on film, I donít see the burst that I would expect from a player rated as high as Shaun is being rated. Shaun started out this year as a DE and then was moved back inside because he was not quick enough and did not have the foot speed. Right now my gut, my heart, my head and the film tell me that Shaun is a first day pick, but not a 1st round pick.