by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Shawne Merriman   LB/DE   Maryland

Shawne is you typical explosive 3-4 DE/OLB. He has LB skills and DE pass rushing skills. He has an excellent burst off the line, but can also cover a TE in a short space. He is smart and if a team takes time and bulks him up, then he just might be a DE with the same talent as Aaron Schobel, a 2nd round draft choice for the Buffalo Bills.


Needs to Improve

As an LB, he is a little locked in the hips, which hurts him when defending against the pass. As a DE, he needs to bulk up and learn more tricks of the trade.


Talent Board Round  1

Don’t get me wrong…this kid is not a tweener. He will impact at the next level, but the team that drafts him will have to decide how they are going to use him and then commit to it. He reminds me a lot of Mike Vrabel and Aaron Schobel when they came out and he should impact for the team that drafts him just as those two players have done. He will be a core player and a fan favorite and will challenge for a Pro Bowl spot just as soon as he finds the position that suits him the best. A lot of teams should be looking at Shawne, but of course, a team that uses a 3-4 defense better get this kid quick because in that defense he will get on the field very quickly and impact. In a 4-3, he will take time to improve. but no matter who drafts him, they will get an excellent player.