by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005
Steve Fleming   TE   Arizona

Steve has good size and very good hands for his position. He is smart and understands what is needed from him in important situations on the field. This allows him to impact in important games. He has good speed, but to be honest with you, hes just learning the TE position.


Needs to Improve

Steve is a get in the way kind of blocker. He is not a fire out and bite your head off kind of blocker. He is a pass catching TE and if you think you are going to turn him into a great in-line blocking TE, think again!


Talent Board Round  3

Steve is a QB that has been turned into a pass catching TE and has as much talent as any pass catching TE. He can impact for you if you use him correctly. He will become an intricate part of your offense and a QBs best friend. He has talent that could put him up as high as the third round in this draft, but that will all depend on the needs of teams in general. He is smart, has good quickness off the line and shows excellent hands. Steve is improving and needs to refine his route running and consistency of his game just like half the players in any draft need to do. This is a good safe and solid pick that can help the team that drafts him right away.