by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Steve Savoy   WR   Utah

Steve is a very quick receiver. He runs good routes and has excellent hands. He has good size and strength and is smart. Steve is a clutch receiver and likes the pressure of being counted on in the clutch. He is not fast, but can get deep by using good techniques. He will help a team right away in the slot and will challenge to be a starting WR.  He will have success if he can stay away from injury.


Needs to Improve

How he is able to handle the pounding of a 16 game schedule is the big question. He does not have the frame to handle bulking up much more than he is right now.


Talent Board Round  4

Like I said Steve is smart, quick, has good hands and runs good routes. That is a recipe for helping a team in his first year. As I have said, the question is can he take the pounding at the next level to be a starter or will he be a third down slot receiver? I donít think it matters this year; draft him and start him in the slot and let it go from there. He will help you in his first year and next year is next year. Deal with the other issues later. He is a first day pick because he can impact his first year without much time on the field.