by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
TA McLendon   RB   North Carolina St
TA has natural running back skills. He has very good speed and vision and excellent lateral movement in the hole. He has a good burst and has the speed to get into the end zone from anywhere on the field.  TA also has very good hands; in fact, they use him as a slot receiver. He has a lot of talent and his talent translates very well to the next level.
Needs to Improve

Good grief! This kid fumbles like a cat uses kitty litter. Every time he handles the ball, he tries way too hard to break the big one. This is a maturity problem along with TA thinking that fumbling is all right as long as his statistics for the game look good. Also, he doesn’t really like to block or pick up the blitz. He gives a halfhearted effort and makes it look good, but he is a better athlete than what he shows in this portion of his game, so it’s obvious that he just doesn’t like to do it. At this point, I have to question this kid’s attention to details. Maybe he has more on his mind than just football.

Talent Board Round  4

TA is in for a big shock at the next level. The lack of maturity in his play is not going to allow him on the field no matter how much talent he has. He has excellent talent, but if he doesn’t take care of the ball and give a better effort blocking, then he might make the CFL, but not the NFL. TA also has to stay out of the trainer’s room. If he wants to be a big time back, he will have to learn to play hurt. He has good hands, but runs lousy routes and doesn’t change speeds. He has so much to learn about being an impact player, but he does have impact player skills. He is a boom or bust player with a lot of bust in him if he doesn’t learn the meaning of team play. Good luck TA…you are going to need it.