by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005

Taylor Stubblefield   WR   Purdue


Taylor is a very smart and quick WR who just knows how to play his position. He runs excellent routes and is like a lighthouse beacon out on the field for his QB. He has excellent hands and is a QBs best friend when the QB is in need of a first down. Taylor will be a core player for his team and I bet he can return punts and be just as slippery as he is running routes.


Needs to Improve

Taylor doesnt have the size, strength or speed of the prototypical WR, so he wont get picked until later in the draft. He will not get any bigger or faster, but oh! What a find he will be!


Talent Board Round  5

If you need a zone-coverage WR that gets first downs and drives the other team crazy, then this kid is tailor-made for you. Taylor, at this stage, is not a WR that will do well head up on a CB. He will be an excellent slot receiver that works zone coverage as smooth as a babys butt. He is slick and smart, but undersized. He will impact for your team without being a starter. Every time I see this kid play, he is making a play. I always start out looking at a game and thinking that this kid is too light, too slow and not strong enough and then he makes the hardest and most important plays in the game. At the end of the game, I say he is a very good college player, but will not make it at the next level. Then I see him in a bowl game and there he is again, out-playing all the other WRs at the most important times of the game. So I gave up, because I realized that he is just a player! No matter what level he plays, he seems to up his game at the most crucial times. He is a money player and a team player. Taylor is a gamer! He is that kid on the field that is nothing but a pain in the butt to cover and keep track of no matter how many times you play against him. Just draft the kid! Stop all the evaluations! Taylor is not big enough, he is too slow and he is not strong enough. He is just a player. So stop already!