by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Terrence Murphy   WR   Texas A&M

Terrence has very good quickness and speed for his position. He has gotten better this year in running his routes and to me, that shows a good work ethic. He will fight for the ball in a crowd and has some athletic tools that are still developing for his position that could make him a Pro Bowl player at the next level.

Needs to Improve

Terrence does drop some balls because he lets the ball get into his body. This makes him not very dependable at crunch time. He is not very strong and even at the college level, gets pushed off his routes.

Talent Board Round  2

I think this kid can develop into a Marvin Harrison type of player, but everything has to be just right for that to happen. He has to be picked by the right team with the right coach and the right QB for it all to fall into place. He is a developing WR who wants to be one of the best and has excellent athletic talent to do this. He has improved from last year, but I think at times, he tries to do too much and that makes him lose concentration on the ball, which causes him to drop too many passes. I think he will be better at the pro level than he has been in college and if a team took him in the 1st round, it would not surprise me. Terrence is a sure pick that will get better, but the question is how long will it take? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long it takes because the player shows on and off the field that the wait will be worth it. You tell me…would you wait for Marvin Harrison-type talent to develop? I would!