by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005
Tim Bulman   DT   Boston College

Tim is a very athletic and underrated DT. He has good athletic abilities and has good size for his position. He has very good 1-gap abilities, but also has the talent to play the 2-gap technique. Tim is quick off the snap and has excellent lateral movement to stop the run and clog up the middle. He is still learning his position but the talent, heart and need to succeed attitude is definitely in him.


Needs to Improve

Tim needs to get stronger and learn better techniques in all phases of his position. He is a bit of a tadpole right now. He will need some time.


Talent Board Round  4
Tim has true 1gap/2gap potential and there are not many of those guys in this draft. He is not ready for prime time yet; however, in about three years he should become a core player for your team. He has the talent and looks to have the heart. He has to get a lot more serious about football and learn to be more consistent in his play. He has to gain more strength and stamina. My guess is that Tim will always favor rushing the passer, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be a good run stuffer because he likes the contact when going up against the guards and centers. Tim takes pride in beating the O-linemen and disrupting their blocking schemes. He is a bit of a sleeper and a possible 2nd day gem for the smart team that drafts him.