by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005

Timmy Chang   QB   Hawaii


Timmy played for his college team in the run and shoot shotgun style of offense and has put up some good numbers in that system. He has a good, quick release and does a good job of moving around in the pocket to avoid the rush. He has average arm strength for college.


Needs to Improve

Timmy has problems with consistency, accuracy and just a whole host of problems. For a QB that has started as much as he has, these problems are just unacceptable at this stage of his career.


Talent Board Round  7

Timmy has not improved from year to year. In fact, he has regressed. In my opinion, his inability to improve on the field shows a big lack of maturity. I donít have a clue why this kid is not better other than to say college is too much fun for him and football was just a means to meet the girls. He doesnít have great talent anyway for the next level, but he certainly has enough to make a good backup QB with the chance to be a starter; however, that obviously was not part of his master plan. He might be able to go to the Arena League and maybe in five years when he is serious, try out for an NFL team. At this point, thatís his only chance.