by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Travis Daniels   FS/CB   LSU

Travis has decent size for his position. He has good speed and quickness and is very smart. He shows good leadership qualities on the field. He has those nice long arms that are a big help in defending in the passing game and he is a good tackler. Travis is a playmaker. He is the type of kid that has good upside to his game and will be a starting player for a team at the next level.


Needs to Improve

Travis has a skinny frame and injuries are the one issue that could stop him from getting on the field and starting for the team that picks him. Right now, he is better in zone than man-to-man coverage, but most of his problem is technique related.


Talent Board Round  4
Travis is the type of kid that never saw a ball in the air that he doesnít consider his. He is very smart and what he lacks in talent, he makes up for with his brains. He has been bounced back and forth from CB to FS, so his man-to-man skills are not as developed as you would like to see at this stage of his career. This, and his lack of bulk, will drop him a bit in this draft.  However, he should be able to help a team big time in a nickel/dime situation while he learns. Right now, Travis never met a zone defense that he doesnít like. He likes the zone because he knows that in a zone, he will get more chances to intercept the ball and thatís what Travis is all about. If he bulks up, Travis has a chance to be as impacting at the Safety position as Ed Reed -- but he HAS to bulk up so that he can stay on the field for every down. He has Ed Reed instincts, so Travis - bulk up baby and youíve got a career!