by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Travis Johnson   DT   Florida St

Travis has good size and speed for his position. He has good lateral pursuit and can handle the double team. He does well in run defense and looks to have enough talent to be a good pass rusher. Travis has the potential to be an NFL DT because of his size-speed ratio.

Needs to Improve

Letís start with the lack of intensity, strength to shed blockers, plays too high and in general, is completely overmatched by the good O-linemen at the college level strictly because he seems uninterested.

Talent Board Round  1

If somebody tells you that this kid has 1st round talent because of his size-speed ratio, then you can believe they are mailing it in. This is exactly the type of kid that could make you lose your job. Travis has that word potential attached to him like a lead weight attached to a body that you throw into the river. The problem is, if you believe it, then youíre the body. In my opinion, you canít show up a few times in four years to warrant a first day pick -- much less a first round pick. Travis does have talent, but it will not be enough to make him a player in the NFL. Right now, he lacks the intangibles to make it. He lacks the intensity and heart needed to be the best and to improve every year.  A 2nd day pick is where I would personally rate him, but I bet you will get some coach who thinks that he is going to make a name for himself as some great talent evaluator and turn this kid around. This is the same coach that tells you what a Ďgreat young maní a player is as the kid is going to court. Can Travis be a good player in the NFL? Absolutely, but that does not mean I would take him on the 1st day of this draft. Remember, for me itís a business and the player has to play on the field all the time like itís a job interview -- not just when he wants to or when the mood strikes him. We are talking millions of dollars here!