by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Troy Williamson   WR   South Carolina

Troy might be the fastest WR in this draft and that, along with his size, is enough to knock your socks off with his potential. He has decent hands and has enough strength to handle the bump and run CBís that will have to be all over him to stop him at the next level. Troy wants to be a big time player and this is very important because at the next level, it will help him work through the learning curve that is just waiting for him.


Needs to Improve

Troy does everything right now better than anyone else because of his speed. He has a lot to learn, but it looks like he is very willing to do just that. At this point, I havenít really seen if he can take a hit across the middle and hang on to the ball. This is a big question and it will not be answered before the draft so you will have to take your chances when you draft this kid and hope he has the mental toughness to handle the hits.


Talent Board Round  1
Troy wants to learn so very badly that his attitude alone just might cut the learning curve heíll go through in half. His athletic talent and speed will impact at the next level right away.  However, as soon as defenses game plan for him, any lack of knowing how to run routes, change speeds, catch the ball with his hands all the time and learn to read defenses on the run, will come into play. Troy has so much talent that while he learns how to be a #1 WR in the NFL, he will still be a threat and impact. I just hope he develops fully as a person and a WR because he could be something special if he does. He has to go to the combine and prove that his hands are the real deal. If he does, then he will be a top ten pick in this draft. This is a boom or bust pick with a big lean towards the boom.