by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005
Victor Sesay   TE   Missouri

Victor has excellent size and strength for his position. He shows good hands and excellent mental toughness. Before his knee injury he showed a good burst off the line and strength to carry tacklers after the catch. He might be one of the better route running TEís in this draft. He shows very good abilities when blocking for the run and pass. He is a big kid with a lot of developmental talent.


Needs to Improve

I think Victor has been trying to play through a little bit of a knee injury. This has made him look a bit slower than I think he is. If Iím wrong, then Victor should be at worst, a pretty good in-line blocking TE.


Talent Board Round  4

Thatís the key. How much is his overall game being affected by a slight knee injury?  You find that answer and youíll know the answer to the following question. Is Victor a developmental all around fan favorite/core player for the team that drafts him TE? Or is he just a solid in-line blocker for the next level? Iíll be honestÖI donít have the answer, but I think we all will find out by the round in which Victor gets drafted. I think there is great potential in this kid. I really do. I have seen it on the field, but I just donít have enough tape on him to be positive.