by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Vincent Burns   DE   Kentucky

Vincent is a little short for his position, but has very long arms and legs, which helps him to overcome his height limitations. He has an excellent burst off the line and his long legs put a lot of pressure on an OTís first lateral move.  This causes the OT to be off balance. He is good at stacking up the run for the college game, but what I like the most about Vincent is the head games he plays with his opponent. Vincent plays bigger than his size because he is smart, quick and likes to beat you all game long. He could play in a 3/4 defense or a 4/3 defense.

Needs to Improve

He will have to get stronger and smarter to handle the run game better at the next level.


Talent Board Round  4

IMO, Vincent has excellent upside to his game. He is playing around at the college level like a kid in a candy shop. He will have to get serious and learn a lot more pass rush moves; however, if he does, he will become a good to excellent sack artist for the team that drafts him. Vincent has a short body and long legs; this may cause him problems at the next level in trying to stop the running game. But because of his long arms, he has the ability to keep blockers away from his body.  This allows him to play the run more like a linebacker does and hold up the blocking to let the LB come in and make the tackle. He will never be a shed and tackle kind of DE, but that doesnít mean that he cannot be effective. Vincent has the talent and the brains to be an impact pass rusher and if he has the work ethic to match these two talents, then he will be an impact blindside DE and a core player for his team.