by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
April 2005
Vincent Fuller   FS/CB   Virginia Tech

Vincent has those nice long legs and arms that are so very useful for a defensive back. He has very good speed, instincts and overall quickness. He is a smart player and shows some strong leadership qualities. Vincent is a playmaker. When the ball is in the air, as far as he is concerned, it belongs to him. He shows very good cover skills for the safety position and is a sure tackler.


Needs to Improve

The only problem that I see for Vincent is that he plays more than one position, so the scouts are not sure what position he should play at the next level. Let me help you out guys. Vincent is a pure impact Free Safety that can be used as a cover corner in the red zone against those big tall WRs. Thereare you happy now? Why do I have to do everything?!


Talent Board Round  3

I dont know what the big decision is about this kid? Everytime I hear someone mention his name it is followed by, Were not sure if he is a corner or a safety.  Well, if youre not sure, then turn in your scouting papers. He is a Free Safety that can cover the big WRs one on one in the red zone. He is a solid tackler, but not a lights out tackler. His long legs will hurt him against those small quick WRs, but will help him to cover ground and stay with the big tall WRs. Look at the friggin film for Petes sake! What a bunch of garbage. All I can say is that I must be a friggin genius because Im the only one in the NFL that seems to be able to figure this kid out! No, I dont think so! But at least I do have enough brains to watch the film!