by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005

Vincent Jackson   WR   N. Colorado


Vincent is a powerful and athletic WR. He has good hands and loves to fight for the ball in traffic. He has excellent run after the catch abilities along with very good quickness off the line.  He should be an outstanding possession receiver at the next level. It looks to me right now that he is just waiting to break out and become a hell of a player.


Needs to Improve

Vincent has some question marks. Iím not sure how good his hands are because he doesnít have big time talent throwing the ball to him. He needs to learn how to use his body better because he is not nor will he ever be, quick in and out of his breaks. He has a lot to learn at the next level, but he also has a lot to learn with.


Talent Board Round  1

Iím not going to blow smoke up your you-know-what on this kid because I donít have much film on him.  I think he is the type of developmental talent that could go as high as the first round, but most likely late second or third. If he shows great hands in workouts, then look for him to go in the latter part of the first round to one of the playoff teams like the Colts. Vincent has plenty of talent and should help a team right away in the red zone. Some people have suggested that he could be a TE, but I think he will have more impact at the WR position. He has good speed and can get deep, but again it will depend on his hands and how good he can catch a ball on a deep out or a double move. I think he will do it, but I think to compete on every down, it will take a year or two for him to fully develop. On draft day, look for a team that is deep in the WR position, but surprises everyone by taking this kid. This means they think he has great talent, but will need some time to develop.  This would be a very smart move for Vincent and the team.