by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004

Wes Sims   OL   Oklahoma


Wes has good size and good strength for his position. He can play more than one position on the O-line. He has quick feet, very good balance and uses good technique. Wes is smart and shows some leadership qualities in his play. He is part of a unit that, overall, might be one of the best in college football this year.

Needs to Improve

Wes has to get stronger and work on his lateral movement. He also has to learn to move his hands faster and quicker and sink his hips to help him when he takes on a player who will try to bull-rush him.  Wes will learn this technique without a problem.

Talent Board Round  4

Wes is an excellent lineman and will be a good addition to the team that drafts him. As I am writing this profile, Wes is being used at left tackle and shows me that he does have the ability to play this position in the NFL. I do think that his strongest positon and best would be left guard in the NFL. That is where he can be a Pro Bowl player. At left tackle, I think he will be average. Wes is perfect for the left guard position. He has the quickness out of his stance that is needed and good enough lateral movement. He is smart and has good strength. In fact, I would even try him at the center position. Now for those of you who think that he is too tall for the center positon, think again! Centers have to get bigger and taller because most DTs and QBs are bigger and taller. The DTs are using a swim move and shooting the gaps before centers are out of their stance and as far as going underneath, a tall strong center can push them to the ground. A tall center has to learn to sink his hips and use his hands quickly to fight off the bull-rush, but this is a technique that can be learned by a smart center. Also, a tall center can open up the middle of the field by sweeping his block one way or the other. This kid should fly up the draft chart IMO. This is a player that has the physical and mental ability to play more than one positon and can be a Pro Bowl player. Am I the only one who sees this?