AJ Nicholson   LB   Florida St


AJ has good athletic talent to play his position.  He shows a good burst to the ball, takes advantageous angles and is a good tackler.  He can play more than one LB position and is an every down LB.  AJ shows very good football instincts on the field and makes the players around him better.  He has the potential to be an impact player at the next level.


Needs to Improve

AJ has had off field problems in his past.  As of this writing, he seems to be trying to control his off field activities.  I always have a feeling that guys like this are just an emotional time bomb waiting to go off? 


Talent Board Round   7

This kid has way too much off field history for me to draft.  I would let another team pick him and wait to see what happens.  If he's changed and learned not to be so selfish, I might pick him up in free agency; however, even that is a long shot.  Lots of talent and no brains is like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.  Every year, I have at least one player that I red-flag because of off field or on field problems.  In 2004, the award winner was JP Losman.  He had no off field problems, but I felt and still do feel, that his on the field ("I give up" attitude) and locker room lack of maturity was too much of a hill for me to climb.  In 2005, it was Maurice Clarett.  I rest my case.  This year, the award goes to this kid.  The future of what happens to AJ is in his hands.  But for me personally, he is a red flag player and I would not draft him.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006