Alan Zemaitis  CB/S  Penn St


Alan is a tall, long-legged DB with good speed, strength and excellent techniques.  He shows leadership qualities and can play more than one DB position.  His strength is in zone coverage, but he does very well in covering possession receivers and TE’s in one on one coverage.  Alan is a very smart ball player.  He has good hands to intercept the ball and will help a team right away.


Needs to Improve

Alan needs to improve his one on one skills, but to be honest with you, he will always struggle with the smaller, quick receivers.  He is a good cover corner now, but mostly on the bigger receivers.


Talent Board Round   2

Alan plays mostly FS right now and a lot of zone, but he can play corner for the team that drafts him.  He is not your quick-twitch type of corner; however, against the bigger receivers in the red zone, he can cover like a tattoo.  He is very smart and that, along with his size and good speed, are his strengths.  Alan is a coach’s dream come true when he plays zone as this is when he makes most of his interceptions. He is a very disciplined zone DB and he will help the team that drafts him right away in a nickel package and in the red zone.  Alan is a solid drag down tackler and by using this technique, he avoids being injured.  He reminds me of a cross between Rod Woodson and Troy Vincent.  He isn’t as tough as Rod, but is a better tackler than Troy.  At this stage of his career, his one on one cover skills are not as good as Troy’s, but better than Rob’s were coming out of college.  He is more disciplined in his overall play than both of those players when drafted.  Alan has 1st round talent; however, because he plays a lot of FS, he might be taken later.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005