Andre Hall   RB   South Florida


Andre has strong athletic ability and speed for his position.  He shows good lateral quickness and vision and does a great job running between the tackles.  He shows decent power and seems quick enough into the hole that his o-linemen donít need to hold their blocks too long.  Andre runs with good technique and does a good job in catching the ball out of the backfield. 


Needs to Improve

Andre has to learn to read defense and blocking schemes.  He must get better at blocking for the passing game. 


Talent Board Round   3

Andre shows some excellent talent, but he is also a long way from being an RB that can stay on the field for every down.  He has to show that he can adjust to the speed of the LBís at the next level and right now, I see a back that only runs at full speed all the time.  That's not going to do it at the next level.  In the NFL, a good RB needs to show a couple of different gears and bursts, especially when they move laterally and I donít see a lot of that from Andre.  That doesnít mean that Iím down on Andre -- in fact, I like the way he plays.  But for the next level, he will take some time to develop.  When he does, he should be a pretty good RB with a chance to start and become productive for the team that drafts him.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006