Andrew Whitworth   OT   LSU


Andrew is a very efficient and smart LT that uses good technique to frustrate just about every DE he's gone up against.  He is very consistent in everything he does on the field.  He shows solid lateral movement, balance and hand usage in protecting his QB.  He does a good job when he has to go to the second level in blocking for the run.  Andrew has good solid skills and should be a solid OT at the next level.


Needs to Improve

Andrew has really not been challenged much at this level.  It is the reason that he's been dropping in the draft ratings.  It looks to me that he will have to be moved to the right side at the next level unless he shows that he is a little quicker in all his movements at the combine and private workouts.


Talent Board Round   2

Watching this kid on tape is very difficult because he just does everything with ease.  Your eye starts to look at other people on the tape because the kid is so efficient and quiet in his play that he starts to bore the hell out of you.  Iím watching film of him and stirring my coffee was more exciting. Donít misunderstand -- I mean all of this as a compliment.  Andrew may not be an exciting player, but he's a good one.  He is the type of player that might not be rated high by some teams because they're looking for a pure LT and a more exciting player.  I think that he will be able to handle the LT position at the next level eventually, but I think the RT position will be more to his liking.  After all the juniors declare, he could fall even further down the charts, but the team that drafts him should be able to plug him in their O-line right away at the RT spot; his good techniques and intelligence are things to get excited about.  He shows leadership qualities and mental toughness.  Andrew might be as exciting to watch as staring at a doorknob, but let me tell you this:  he is as efficient as a doorknob is and will shut the door on just about everybody he comes up against.  However, it will have to be on the right side, not the left.  Right now, he doesnít move well enough to be on the left but just might be able in the future.  Either way you're getting a pretty good O-lineman and believe me, every team needs a pretty good O-lineman!
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005