Anthony Fasano   TE   Notre Dame


Anthony is a complete TE and a good TE.  He has speed and excellent hands.  He does a very good job blocking, keeps his balance and uses his hands well.  He is a very dependable player that you know is going to do his job to the best of his ability on every play.  Anthony is a good in-line blocker for the running game and also can block in space.  He's been receiving the ball in the passing game from a QB with a big time arm and running pro-style routes.  Anthony is ready to help you right away.  


Needs to Improve

Anthony just has to get to the combine as quick as possible and show his speed and quickness.  As soon as he does, he'll move up or down the charts depending on those two issues.  I believe he will move up. 


Talent Board Round   1

Anthony reminds me a lot of another Notre Dame TE, Mark Bavaro.  He has the same "after the catch" ability, blocking skills and those quite dependable leadership qualities that made Bavaro a core player and fan favorite for the Giants.  Mark was drafted in 1985 (4th Rd) by The New Jersey Giants and went on to have a pretty good career.  He will help the team that drafts him as quickly as Heath Miller did this year for the Steelers and he is a significantly better TE than the Klopfenstein kid that so many people (except me) seem to like in this draft.  It has been reported that Anthony runs in the 4.75 range, but it wouldn't surprise me if he ran just a tad faster.  If he breaks 4.70 and runs in the 4.65 or 4.68 range, teams are going to be falling all over themselves like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon to interview this kid and then will go back to study the film on him.  If Anthony runs in the 4.65 area, that means that he'll be as fast as Vernon Davis (TE Maryland), but Anthony is bigger and a better blocker.  Although it doesnít prove that he will be quicker -- but you get my drift.  As far as Iím concerned right now, Anthony has 1st round talent.  So, if you want a TE with the potential to be as good as Mark Bavaro and the talent to impact right away like Heath Miller did, then you draft Anthony in the first round of this draft.  If you donít draft him, then you sit there at the draft with a big ďLĒ on your forehead as the team that does draft him looks down at you in the standings next year.  You see, itís just that simple!
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006