Anthony Schlegel   LB   Ohio ST


Anthony is an excellent head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He has excellent size and looks to have good speed.  He has really good football instincts and has a great burst.  Anthony shows good leadership skills and excellent mental toughness.  This kid's face should be in the dictionary next to the word "linebacker" with no explanation needed.


Needs to Improve

Donít be a putz!  Just draft this kid -- any improvements that he needs, he will do or minimize by instincts and brains.


Talent Board Round   3

This kid is a pure linebacker.  Recently, I saw him play with even more athleticism in his game than I thought he had.  That leads me to believe that he's been playing injured, but still playing at a high level.  Thatís what you need when you draft a leader, especially at the LB position.  The last game I have on tape, he does one of the smoothest hip-flips and gets back in coverage as good as any strong safety I've seen.  This was the one question I had with Anthonyís game.  How good would he be in defending the pass and could he stay on the field for all three downs?  Originally I felt that Anthony was a 3-4 DE/LB.  But that hip-flip made me realize that Anthony is a LB that can fit into any system and be an impact LB.  If he's healthy and works out as well as I think at the combine, you're going to see him shoot up in this draft.  He has 1st round talent.  From now on, when we see a player make a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive bone-jarring tackle, we're going to say that someone just got Schlegeled!  This kid reminds me a lot of Mike Vrabel, but believe it or not, I think he's a little more athletic.  The Patriots are going to be drooling when they see this kid on film.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005