Antwan Allen   CB   Iowa

Antwan is not fast -- but he is quick and has good instincts.  He has an excellent burst when the ball is in the air, shows good ball-hawking skills and hands to intercept the ball.  He is a good tackler and is fearless when going up against bigger opponents.  He is a smart player and understands situational football.  Antwan loves to make the big play and be physical; he plays much bigger than his size.  
Needs to Improve
Antwan has some off-field concerns that need to be looked into by the team that's interested in drafting him.  He also is a CB that likes to take chances on the field and some coaches may have a problem with this.  Antwan does not show the pure speed to be any more than a situational CB at this point. 
Talent Board Round   FA
Antwan has enough talent right now to help a team in nickel and dime defense, but the questions for most teams that are interested in Antwan will be:  Are his off-field concerns behind him?  Will he be able to stay on the field without getting injured?  Antwan does not have much bulk to his body.  He is a tough player and is fearless, but that type of play with his slight frame may not be the best style for him at the next level.  Also, there will be a question about his ability to play man-to-man defense.  Although he shows good speed, it is not fast enough for the next level.  That leads everyone to believe that Antwan will only be a zone cover CB and a situational CB.  To be honest, those type of CB’s are a dime a dozen and with Antwan’s off-field concerns (over or not), it means that Antwan will be a second day pick or a free agent pickup after the draft.  The key for Antwan will be special teams.  If he shows some punt return or gunner skills, he will be able to make a team on those talents alone.  Antwan made a big mistake off the field.  Add to that skills that make him a situational CB and you have a player that, if he had kept his nose clean, might have been a late round draft pick.  Antwan’s off-field issues - without a doubt - have affected his ability to be drafted.  Remember, when you are a free agent pickup, they look for the slightest excuse to cut you so that they don’t have to cut a draft pick.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006