Ashton Youboty   CB   Ohio St


This kid has good size and speed for his position.  He has that quick-twitch quickness and recovery burst that is needed at the next level to compete as a lock down corner.  He is a good tackler.  Ashton is a smart player and has not really tapped all of his potential at this point of his career.  He has good man-to-man skills and solid zone abilities.  He has excellent upside potential to be a lock down CB at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Ashton is young and hasnt had that much exposure to his position in college.  He lacks consistency in his techniques.  He has to get stronger so that he can be more effective using his bump and run techniques.  I dont think any of this will be a real problem for him at all.


It was hard for me to get a fix on this kid because he does not get challenged very much.  He needs a lot of repetitions and experience and, although he has had good coaching, he needs to see for himself what the coaches are trying to teach him.  He has a lot of talent and at the college level, he is quick enough to overcome his mistakes so he really cant learn any more.  He will make some big mistakes at the next level and get burnt big time at first, but he will also learn fast and I think will become one of the best CBs out of this draft.  Ashton has the potential to be a lock down corner to the fast, quick WRs and he has good enough size to handle the bigger WRs.  I like this kid a lot and I think when he starts to work out, he's going to put himself into the 1st round because he has 1st round talent and there are not too many quality CBs in this draft.  The kid has the ability to pat them down and handcuff the WRs at the next level.  Oh!  I like that -- Ashton (Handcuff) Youboty.  Assume the position!
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006